Jordan Riders Organizes First Skills Challenge at Bikers Village; Markazia Yamaha Riders Secure Multiple Titles

Jordan Riders Organizes First Skills Challenge at Bikers Village; Markazia Yamaha Riders Secure Multiple Titles
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Amman, November 2022: Jordan Riders - the premier and largest official bikers organization in Jordan - has debuted its first Skills Challenge, bringing together 23 male and female bikers with extensive experience in motorcycle racing. The participants included three Markazia Yamaha riders - Sanad Tahaqakha, Hamza Abdelbari and Mohammad Daoudi - who clinched multiple titles during the event. Held in collaboration with Jordan Motorsport and with support from Zain Jordan, the Skills Challenge took place on Friday 18 November at the Bikers Village in Na’ur, Amman.

The time-based, Gymkhana-inspired event was conducted in an enclosed area, challenging participants under three categories - Touring, Cruiser and Adventure - with Jordan Motorsport providing advanced time-measuring devices for optimal accuracy. First, second and third-place winners for each category comprised Tarek Al Naddaf (Touring), Mohammad Daoudi (Cruiser) and Hamza Abdelbari (Adventure), respectively. Moreover, Hamza Abdelbari and Mohammad Daoudi cinched first and second places overall, respectively, with Amani Ammoura winning the Women’s Cup and Sanad Tahaqakha ranking third in the Cruiser category.    

Ensuring the highest safety standards, Jordan Riders conducted technical inspections of the participating motorcycles, confirming they feature 500cc engines and above and that riders hold a Jordan Motorsport racing permit.

“We’re proud to have gathered a host of the Kingdom’s most prominent male and female riders for an event on par with top safety standards. We would like to congratulate the winners of the challenge, which aimed to equip riders with essential skills that would help them avoid accidents, reduce associated risks and promote safe driving. Today, motorcycles have emerged as a practical and effective transportation mode, especially in high-traffic areas, and are becoming increasingly popular among men and women alike. By organizing such events, we seek to build awareness on the safe use and driving of motorcycles, ultimately presenting riders with enjoyable experiences on the road,” commented Jordan Riders General Manager, Dr. Wael Al Bakri.


In turn, Markazia Yamaha General Manager, Fares Haddad, stated, “We would like to thank Jordan Riders for their exceptional organization; it’s always a pleasure to collaborate closely with such dealers and groups on events that enhance the awareness and knowledge of riders on safe riding principles, and look forward to working on similar functions in the future. We are pleased to support the participation of three of the most distinguished riders in the Kingdom in this exciting challenge on Yamaha motorcycles, and are proud to see them win and secure various titles, underscoring our commitment to sponsoring and providing young Jordanian talent with the opportunity to excel.”

Markazia Yamaha presented gifts to the first place winners of each category.