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Leaning MultiWheel technology delivers a high feeling of stability when cornering on various road surfaces.


Engine: 847cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder; 12 valves
L x W x H: 84.6 in x 34.8 in x 49.2 in
Seat Height: 32.3 in
Wheel Track: 16.1 in
Maximum Ground Clearance: 5.9 in
Maximum Lean Angle: 45.0°
Fuel Capacity: 4.8 gal
Fuel Economy: 42.3 mpg
Wet Weight: 580 lb
Key Features
⦁ Revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheel Chassis
The NIKEN™ LMW chassis is an exclusive motorcycle control system that provides unparalleled rider confidence across a wide range of road conditions. With two front tires leaning in unison, the NIKEN doubles the amount of available grip for exceptional stopping power, cornering confidence, rider comfort and impeccable road manners—all while maintaining natural steering feel.

⦁ Radical Styling
NIKEN doesn’t look like anything on the road because it isn’t like anything else on the road. Graceful curves highlight the mass-forward design to show off the unique LMW system, combining futuristic technology with flowing, organic style.

⦁ Powerful Inline-Triple
Derived from the award-winning MT-09™, the advanced CP3® inline 3-cylinder motor uses Yamaha’s full range of performance technology to produce exceptional torque with linear power delivery. This results in a flexible, responsive powerplant that combines the best aspects of both 2- and 4-cylinder motors while remaining light, slim and compact.

⦁ Advanced Rider Aids
NIKEN features a complete range of technologies to boost rider confidence and performance, including Yamaha’s ride-by-wire throttle system, adjustable throttle mapping, traction control, and ABS. Riders also enjoy the convenience of a factory quick shifter and integrated cruise control.
Wheelbase: 59.4 in
Rake (Caster Angle): 20.0°
Trail: 2.9 in
Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing. Yamaha encourages you to drive safely and to respect fellow riders and the environment. The images shown show professional riders driving under controlled conditions. The specifications and appearance of Yamaha products shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary based on requirements and conditions. For more details, please ask your Yamaha dealer.
Warranty: Two Years, Unlimited Mileage

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